Thursday, 26 January 2012

Can I have a stove if my house doesn't have a chimney?

We often see customers at Westcombes who say that they'd like to have a stove, but don't have a chimney. You may want to build a chimney or put in a rigid flue system but this is often an expensive business and there are other options.  You can still enjoy many of the benefits of a cosy stove without a chimney by opting for a balanced flue or flueless gas model or an electric stove.

Balanced Flue Gas Stoves - With a balanced flue stove, the flue is fitted to an outside wall so any emissions go straight outside. You don't need a chimney, but the position of the stove is important as the flue needs to be able to go to an outside wall.

Flueless Gas Stoves - With a flueless gas stove, you don't need to be next to an outside wall as the waste gases go through a catalytic convertor.  In order to have a flueless stove fitted you do need an air vent in the room.

Electric Stoves - Electric Stoves are increasingly popular because they are so easy to install and use. Our customers are often very pleasantly surprised by how authentic the latest electric stoves can look.  They often come with different heat settings, including one with just a glow so you can have the look of the blazing stove without the heat using very little energy.

If you're interested in any of these options, come along to Westcombes and take a look at some of the huge selection of stoves in our special stove showroom. We have more than fifty models on show giving you a wide range to choose from.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Just to wish all our customers, former customers and friends all the best for a very happy 2012!  We've been closed over the Christmas period, but we are now open as usual from 10-6 Monday to Saturdays. Don't forget that we stock one of the largest ranges of modern, reproduction and antique fireplaces as well as a huge selection of stoves  - see for details.