Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why fuel is so important...

We've had a few customers recently who've been burning the wrong sort of fuel in their stoves which can cause real problems.  If you put damp unseasoned wood into your stove, it is much harder for the stove to work efficiently. Damp wood doesn't light well, smokes badly and can stain the glass in the stove window.  What's more, it can cause problems that you can't see - filling your chimney with soot and deposits which means it will need sweeping more often in order to avoid the risk of a chimney fire.

People are often surprised at the difference it can make when they start using proper wood.  At Westcombes, we recommend the kiln-dried wood which we stock in store, along with kindling and flamers firelighters.  We've found that once customers try a bag of our logs, they never want to go back to buying damp wood from their local garage again.  It really does make a difference, and that's why we give a free starter pack of kiln-dried logs and kindling to everyone who buys a stove at Westcombes and offer free local delivery on orders of ten bags of logs or more. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Enamelled stoves

We're finding that our ranges of enamelled stoves are very popular with some customers, as you can choose a colour to match your interior decoration.  

The Mendip stoves come in a lovely range of colours, including this lovely powder blue, along with pewter, claret, ivory and dark blue.  There is a small version 5KW version of this stove, as well as a larger 8KW version to suit every home.

We also stock Carron enamelled stoves which again come in a range of colours, including the blue enamel shown here as well as black, red, green, antique and cream enamel and matt black.  

The Carron stoves also come in different sizes and styles.  There's the Dante shown here which is a 5KW stove, as well as a standard 5KW and a larger 7KW version.

We currently have a huge range of more than sixty stoves on show at Westcombes. We started out with one dedicated stoves showroom, but they are gradually taking up more and more of the store as we increase our selection to include more different makes and styles.  Whether you prefer a sleek modern design or something more traditional, we can offer a very wide choice  - so do come and pay us a visit!